Flexible benefits
for flexible workers

Rewards that automatically adjust according to worker performance


What makes us different?

Activity based

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Benefits are rewarded based on worker activity. Cash, earnt, hours worked, friends referred or something else? You choose.



Upload your own benefits (or use ours), and define reward criteria. Access engagment data through our dashboard or API.

Flexible workers want benefits tailored to them

Flexible Insurance

Pay-as-you-go insurance, covering injury, illness, liability and more.

On-Demand Savings

Designed for flexibility with our industry leading pension partner.

Financial Support

Built-in earnings, expense and tax tracking. With smart, automatic advice.

Everyday Discounts

Digital discounts from desirable brands, next to your in-house benefits.

We work with on-demand firms, large corporates, temp agencies, government, and anyone with a flexible workforce.

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