Free and easy income reporting.

For the
who claim
Universal Credit.

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If you are already on UC

Install Portify and start enjoying all it's benefits immediately.

If you are awaiting UC rollout

Install Portify and let it help you get prepared for your UC application.

Free. Simple. Secure.

Track your expenses. Report your earnings in three taps


So Simple

Portify makes organising your finances easy, even for those who are not good with numbers.

Protects You

Easily demonstrate you are 'gainfully self-employed' to your Work Coach, and have your accounts ready to show if asked.

Saves Effort

Generate the numbers you need to report for UC every month, in just three taps. NIC and income tax is calculated for you.

100% Secure

Portify is ultra-secure, works with all major UK banks, and has help available by phone or SMS with a human.

Feature List

Choose to import transactions from your bank, or add them manually.

Can categorise your expenses for you.

Record cash or cheque transactions.

Calculates figures for UC assessment period in three taps.

Calculates NIC contributions for you.

Estimates income tax for you.

Automatic backups and advanced security.

Works with all major banks, or without a bank at all.

Get peace of mind

Even if you are not on Universal Credit yet, why not get peace of mind now? Portify can get you prepared automatically.

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