The loyalty platform for the on-demand workforce

Attract and retain your contractors with meaningful benefits, distributed fairly.


Competition for contractors is intense

For on-demand companies, offering benefits to the workforce is not cost-effective, and fraught with legal risk.

Portify provides an app to contractors, through which they can redeem meaningful benefits from the companies they work for, in proportion to how much they work for them.

The Self-Employed want a different kind of perk

They don't get regular pension contributions. They struggle with insurance products not designed for them. They wrestle with financial admin. Portify redesigns such services and bundles them in a product people love to use.


Portify can provide your workforce access to pay-as-you-go insurance, covering car, bike, injury, illness and more.


Get ahead of regulation and start offering your workers access to pension products built for their dynamic lifestyle.

Financial Support Tools

Portify already distributes a free app to help the self-employed with profit tracking, expenses, tax, and welfare.

Everyday Perks

Let your top performers enjoy a free coffee or subsidised cinema ticket, and distribute your in-house partnerships.

We're already helping on-demand firms prepare for changes in employment regulation.

How it works

Not all contractors individually provide the same value to your business.

Your top providers should feel rewarded. Your new recruits should feel incentivised.

Portify collects real-time data on contractor performance, and seamlessly unlocks benefits they will appreciate as they climb the ranks.

We distribute benefits in accordance with value generated, so Portify is cost-effective for even the largest workforces.

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Founding team


Sho Sugihara

CEO. Formerly @ McKinsey specialising in Welfare Systems Design

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Chris Butcher

CTO. Formerly first employee & Lead Software Engineer @ CharlieHR

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We are additionally supported by a team of investors and advisors, including Entrepreneur First and public policy experts in the on-demand space.

Work with us

Portify is a product, but it can be tuned to fit your organisation. Get in touch to discuss your goals.

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