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Credit card limits and rewards

How do I get a low APR credit card?
What is a good APR rate for a credit card?
What credit score do I need for low APR?
Will my credit score affect my APR?
Does a high credit limit affect your credit score?
Why do credit cards give cashback?
How do cashback credit cards work?
How to calculate cash back on credit cards?
How to choose a credit card?
How old do you have to be to get a credit card
How to use credit card?
How long does it take to get a credit card?
What size is a credit card?
How long does it take for a credit card to arrive?
How long should I keep credit card statements
What is a credit transfer?
What is an issue number on a credit card?
Why has my credit card disappeared from my online banking?

Credit scores

Why does a credit score matter?
How do I improve my credit score?
Who decides my credit score?
Will applying for credit hurt my credit score?
What makes up a credit score?
What’s the fastest way to build my credit score?
How long does it take to build credit?
How much will being on the electoral roll improve my credit score?
How long does it take to fix my credit score?
How much can my credit score change based on my credit utilisation?
How do I check if I am on the electoral roll?
What is Experian/Equifax/TransUnion?
What is a CRA?
Why are my credit scores different?
What score does ClearScore show?
Does withdrawing cash from credit card affect credit score?
How long do hard searches stay on credit file?
What credit score is needed to buy a car?
What credit score is needed for car finance uk?
Why does my credit score keep going down?
Credit reference agencies who uses who?

Defaults on credit reports

What is adverse credit?
Why has my credit score dropped?
Does your credit score go up when a default is removed?
How long does bankruptcy stay on your credit report?
What credit score do you need to get a sofa from dfs?
How long does a debt management plan affect your credit rating?
How long does a DRO stay on credit file?
How long does refused credit stay on file?
How to remove a CCJ from your credit report?


What does in credit mean?
What does in debit mean?
What is APR?
What is AER?
What is Credit Card utilisation?
What is a CCJ?
What is an IVA?
What does UC mean on credit report?

Credit card management

Why is my available balance less than my balance?
How many credit cards can I have?
How many credit cards is too many?
Does Aldi take credit cards?
Should I get a credit card in the UK?
What is my credit score if I never had a credit card?

Information hubs

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Credit Builder Information Hub

For all our information on credit builders and different ways to build credit, please look at our credit builder information hub.

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Debt management

How long does an IVA stay on my credit report?
Is an IVA better than a CCJ?
I can't pay my credit cards what will happen?

Building credit

What is a ‘thin’ credit file?
How does information show on my credit report?
How can I build credit with no credit history?
Do I need a credit card to build credit?
How can I build my credit score when I have a CCJ?
How long does it take to build credit?
What is a good credit score Clearscore?

High limit credit cards

How can I get a credit card with a high limit?
How to get a higher credit card limit?