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Credit score building in partnership with Experian.

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How could Portify Lite help my Experian credit score?

Payment history is one of the largest factors that makes up your credit score.

Sign up to Portify and we'll create an agreement with Experian for you
We report each membership fee payment to Experian
The longer you are a member, the more positive payment history you build!

The more positive payment history you build, the more your credit score should increase. Portify is effective when used in tandem with positive financial behaviour.

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Over 100,000+ people are investing in their credit scores with Portify

Portify has done that I was absolutely shocked by how much points my score has risen, it jumped from 345 to 642 in 2 months!
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Great service and a simple way to boost your credit score (mine went up by 52 points)
Using Portify to build my credit score has been brilliant! It’s a relief to see a gradual increase in my points over time and feels incredibly productive. I don't even notice the payment going out.
Anyone who is in doubt to use their service I would recommend you do as in a month my credit score has gone up by 60 points. So it does work.

Why Portify?

Start building your credit score in less than three minutes
One single fee each month to build your credit score
No credit check. We use Open Banking data instead

Why not Portify?

We are committed to providing a service that helps our members save money. Please do not use Portify if any of these apply to you, as we may not be able to help.

You had a CCJ in the last 12 months
You had an IVA in the last 12 months
You declared bankruptcy in the last 12 months

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Did you know?

An 'Excellent' credit score could save you tens of thousands £s over a lifetime
Money could you save on select credit products with an 'Excellent' credit score

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Portify is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under firm registration number 828125/826665.
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Your data stored with Portify is secured using AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption.
Read-only access
We only ever have read access to your banking and financial transaction data. Portify cannot access or move your money.