Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and InclusionWe believe in creating a diverse and inclusive team, not only for the obvious business benefits like increased profitability, more sustainable growth and reduced employee turnover, but because it aligns with our mission and values. To pioneer inclusive credit, we need to understand our users. To truly understand our users, we need to have a diverse team who can bring a range of experiences and perspectives to the table. Of course, to build and keep a diverse team, we need to have an inclusive culture.

So what have we done so far?

Held workshops to align with what we want diversity, uniqueness and belonging to mean at Portify and how it links to our mission, vision and purpose.

Formed a D&I Committee to routinely discuss new initiatives.

Added some checks to our hiring process: running every JD through a gender decoder, asking standardised interview questions, reminding interviewers to check their biases ahead of every interview and ensuring that every hire meets as many people from the team as possible, within reason (at least four people).

Hosted a variety of social events that cater to different interests (team lunch, sports day, painting class to name a few).
Routinely surveyed the team to assess progress towards improving the team's sense of belonging and sense of uniqueness.

And what are we planning on doing in the future?
Have additional hiring specific training: how to improve the interview process for neurodiverse candidates, how to recognise and avoid interviewer bias, how to properly assess for mission fit (not culture fit).

Invest in candidate application anonymisation tools.Evaluate how we can be more diverse, and more inclusive in other parts of the business.What do our team say?