Diversity and Inclusion

We believe in building an inclusive team with exceptional diversity of thought.

Our company purpose is to eradicate financial inequality and bring millions of people into a fair financial system. To offer a new way to build credit that enables this, we need to have deep empathy of our customers. Having a diverse team with a breadth of opinions and experiences is key to doing so. This means fostering diversity and inclusion is key to fulfilling our purpose and mission.

Our D&I initiatives

1. Internal D&I Committee

2. Workshops to define diversity and inclusion at Portify and describe how t links to our purpose and mission.

3. A hiring process with gender decoded job descriptions, standardised interview questions,

4. Routine team surveys to track comfort with expressing opinions

5. Team events that cater to a diverse set of interests, beyond going to the pub

Other initiatives we are working on

1. Further interviewer training to reduce bias and assess for mission fit over culture fit

2. Evaluate how we can support D&I with our products and services e.g., app UX and messging

3. Setting specific D&I objectives hiring process and holding ourselves accountable to these

What we celebrate

10+ nationalities represented on our team

30%+ of our team identify as BAME

Our Board has a female majority