Using a Credit Card to Pay off Debts

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Using a credit card to pay off debts

Using a credit card to pay off debts can be a good decision if you get a credit card with a good introductory offer and low APR. You’ll be looking for a card similar to a balance transfer credit card.

Interest free period and low APR rates after the interest free period has ended 

A balance transfer credit card can give you over a year interest free. That's no interest for a whole year! But make sure that after the 0% interest period has ended you aren’t being charged high interest afterwards.

Get lower APR rates by building your credit score.  

Rewards programmes and cashback

Balance transfer credit cards can offer rewards and cashback programmes. This will mean you get rewards for simply using the card responsibly!

Learn more on rewards and cash back credit cards

No balance transfer fees 

If you have to pay a balance transfer fee it may take you longer to make up the difference. If you have a balance transfer fee of £90, for example, but an interest free term of 6 months, you need to make sure that you’ll make the £90 back in that time or you’ll end up paying more for transferring your money.

Equal or higher credit limit 

You don’t want to only transfer a bit of your money if you can transfer it all. To keep things simple and straightforward it would be better if you could move the balances from all your other cards into one place. 

Get a higher credit limit by building your credit score.

If you can’t get a credit card with these qualities you may need to build your credit score to get a better credit offer.

Build your credit score to get a better credit offer

How to deal with debt? 

If you are dealing with debt there are various resources we have to help you: 

How to pay off debt without using a credit card: Alternative ways to borrow money!

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Other ways of borrowing money if you have bad credit 

If you have bad credit and are waiting to build your credit score you might want to think about other ways to borrow money.

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