Credit Cards for Bad Credit

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Bad credit and credit cards - it is possible!

If you have bad credit, the chances are that any credit card you’re approved for will have a low limit with high APR rates

This is because you are viewed as being risky to lenders. 

Why could you have bad credit?

You have no credit history  

Credit history makes up 30% of your credit score according to Experian. If you have no credit history your credit score will likely be lower.

You have a high credit utilisation rate 

Using a lot of your available credit is a sign to lenders you either can’t manage money or are in financial distress. This will cause your credit score to drop.

You have a CCJ or an IVA 

A CCJ or an IVA will impact your credit score. The impact decreases over time and there are tools you can use to improve your credit score a few months after the CCJ or IVA has been issued.

You have applied for credit too many times in a short space of time

Applying for credit multiple times in a short time-frame will signal to lenders you are in financial difficulty which will cause your credit score to drop.

Our beginners guide to building credit the right way will detail why these factors are important. 

Improve your credit score

Getting a credit card with a bad credit rating 

There are many types of credit cards available. A bad credit rating might mean you’re stuck with a credit with high APR and a low credit limit. You may also be suggested a credit builder card. 

A credit builder card is specifically designed for people with bad credit to help them build credit.
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Build your credit score to increase your credit limit

What kind of credit card do you want with bad credit?

Using a credit card to build your credit score.

Certain card types can be used to build your credit score.

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Using a credit card to pay off debts.

It’s possible to move debt around to avoid paying more interest.

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Using a credit card while traveling.

Travel credit cards offer a variety of benefits when on holiday outside of the UK.

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Using a credit card to earn rewards and points.

A higher credit score will help you gain access to more rewards.

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Other ways of borrowing money if you have bad credit 

If you have bad credit and are waiting to build your credit score you might want to think about other ways to borrow money.

Take a look at these below: 

Build credit to get a credit card