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What is a credit builder card?

Credit builder cards are the starting point for many people looking to improve their credit score. 

However, credit builder cards are designed to help people with bad credit. This may sound great for you but what it means is that credit builder cards often come with high interest rates and low credit limits. 

For an in-depth explanation of credit builder cards and how to properly manage them click below:

Credit builder cards explained

What’s a credit builder card
How does a Credit Builder Card work?
A checklist for managing a credit builder card properly
How to pick the best credit builder card

Build your credit score without going into credit card debt

Credit builder cards: A word of warning 

Credit utilisation can impact your credit score - so if you are using a lot of your credit limit on your credit builder card it can negatively impact your credit score

Experian says that using more than 90% of your credit limit can decrease your credit score by up to 50 points!

Build your credit score to increase your credit limit

Do you need credit builder cards to build credit? Credit builder card alternatives. 

Shop around for credit Builder Loans.
Look at prepaid card options
Report your rental payments

Credit builder card alternatives

Improving your credit score will unlock opportunities to get better credit cards. Getting better credit card offers means lower interest rates and first-rate rewards offerings.

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