Credit cards can help bring you financial flexibility

⭑ Make purchases and spread the cost over a period of time.

⭑ Move existing debt or repair your credit score.

⭑ Gain rewards or cash back on purchases. 

We help the hardest working people build their credit scores to access better cards.

Build your credit score

Learn about different credit card types

Portify is here to help navigate the difficult decision making process around finding the right credit card for your situation.

How Can I Get a Better Credit Card Offer?

Improving your credit score will unlock opportunities to get better credit cards. Getting better credit card offers means lower interest rates and first-rate rewards offerings.

How to Build Credit the Right WayOur in-depth guide to credit building.

8 Ways to Build Your Credit Score You Didn’t Know AboutDig into some of the more unconventional ways to give your credit score a lift.

The Electoral Roll and Your Credit ScoreLearn how registering to vote can help raise your credit score.

Learn more on credit scores in our FAQ's.

What Type of Credit Card Should I Get?

Credit Cards for Bad Credit

Start here if you have bad credit but still seek a credit card. Learn more about your options and how to check for card eligibility. Be careful not to take on more debt than you can handle.

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Rewards Credit Cards

Rewards credit cards allow you to earn points on expenses that can be exchanged for store discounts, flights, holidays or even cash.

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Credit Builder Cards

They are exactly what they sound like - a credit card for people with poor or no credit who want to improve their credit score. These generally have higher APR than traditional credit cards.

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Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Are you paying interest on outstanding debt? A balance transfer credit card can help you move existing debt from one credit card to another. You may face a fee to transfer the balance.

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Higher Credit Score = Better Credit Card Offers

A higher credit score can better your chances of getting accepted for a wider range of credit cards at better rates.

Learn how you can increase your credit score by up to100 points in 3 months with Credit Boost from Portify.

Boost your credit score

Why do you need a credit card?

A credit card can be useful for a variety of reasons. Explore how credit cards can be beneficial in these scenarios:

Using a credit card to build your credit score

Certain card types can be used to build your credit score.

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Using a credit card to pay off debts

It’s possible to move debt around to avoid paying more interest.

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Using a credit card while travelling

Travel credit cards offer a variety of benefits when on holiday outside of the UK.

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Using a credit card to earn rewards and cash back

A higher credit score will help you gain access to more rewards.

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How to increase your credit limit

A higher credit score is the key to unlocking benefits like a higher credit limit and access to rewards. Increasing your credit score is all about showing lenders that you are a responsible borrower.

Start with these tips to raise your score.

How to build credit - the beginners guide
How to repair credit in the UK
8 ways to build your credit score you didn't know about

Increase your credit limit

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